Tsar Bomba


Fast Facts about Tsar

Code Name:

Big Ivan (Tsar Bomba)

 Time and date:

11:32 AM October 30, 1961


D-2 Sector, Zone C, Sukhoy Nos Peninsula, Novaya Zemlya, Russia

Height of detonation:

4,000 meters (12,800 feet)


50,000 kilotons (50 megatons)


25 tons

Coordinates of detonation:

73.85N, 54.50E


8 m long, 2 m in diameter

Other Interesting Facts about Detonation

 Tsar Bomba was built in only 15 weeks 
It was dropped from a modified Tu-95 plane. 
The shockwave of the explosion travelled the Earth three times 
The mushroom cloud that formed had a diameter of around 40 km 
The parachute attached to the bomb weighted 800 kg. 
The modified Tu-95 was flown by Major Andrei Durnovtsev. 
The plane which dropped the bomb was able to fly around 45 km from ground zero during the 188 seconds until the bomb detonated. 
1.4% of the power output of the Sun. 
The mushroom cloud that formed was 64 km high, 168 times higher than the Empire State Building
The power produced during the fission-fusion process was 5.4 yottawatts, corresponding to around